The Fiction Writing Workshop…a.k.a Tackling New Terrain

A few months ago, I returned from a vacation at the Grand Canyon. After tackling some new terrain, I was feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle some life goals too.

With perfect timing, there in my Facebook feed was an advertisement for a short story fiction writing workshop. It met on Wednesday nights for an hour and a half, and it ran for six weeks. I could handle that! It wouldn’t interfere with my work schedule. It was a short commitment, and it would be the chance to try fiction writing again.


Our main assignment for the workshop was to write a short story. The only other guidelines were that the story had to be ten to fifteen pages long, double spaced, and emailed to the class the Friday before our next meeting. I was in the first group, so I had a little more than one week to prepare my story. Continue reading


Music can set the mood and change our energy. It can unite a room of people. One of my favorite sounds is a stadium full of people singing together at a rock concert. The moment feels spiritual to me. I can feel the connection to thousands of people, the vibration of sound filling the space, and the light beaming from everyone’s hearts.

We all have certain songs or genres that speak to us. The beat moves us and a unique melody will catch our ear. The right lyric expresses exactly what we’re feeling.

I listen to classical music while I work. Simple, classical piano keeps me focused.

When I hit the gym, powerful, upbeat songs fuel my workouts.


If you’re looking for some musical inspiration, here are some fun ways to bring music into your life: Continue reading