Music can set the mood and change our energy. It can unite a room of people. One of my favorite sounds is a stadium full of people singing together at a rock concert. The moment feels spiritual to me. I can feel the connection to thousands of people, the vibration of sound filling the space, and the light beaming from everyone’s hearts.

We all have certain songs or genres that speak to us. The beat moves us and a unique melody will catch our ear. The right lyric expresses exactly what we’re feeling.

I listen to classical music while I work. Simple, classical piano keeps me focused.

When I hit the gym, powerful, upbeat songs fuel my workouts.


If you’re looking for some musical inspiration, here are some fun ways to bring music into your life:

  1. Make a playlist.  In MY day…we called it a mixed tape, but you know what I mean. The act of listening to music, gathering your favorite songs, and even planning the order is a creative and inspiring project.
  2. Go to a festival. Your town might have an arts festival or food festival that includes music, or you might find a music festival with several bands on one ticket.
  3. Go to a concert. While it might be an expensive option, a concert is an experience that is usually worth the investment.
  4. Watch a musical theatre production. Whether a new production or traditional musical, you will find yourself tapping your toes and singing the songs afterwards. If you can’t afford to see a Broadway production, go to a local theatre. The tickets are more affordable, and you will find there is great talent close to home.
  5. Listen to live music at your local restaurant or bar. I love listening to a singer with a guitar. You might also find a talented band in your area.
  6. Sing! …in the shower, in the car, and while you’re doing the dishes (that’s me).
  7. Join a choir or singing group. Your church or community might have a choir you can join. For something less formal, host a karaoke party.
  8. Create your own station. Pandora and Spotify allow you to create stations based on your favorite songs. It is a great way to discover new artists too.
  9. Look up your favorite artists on YouTube. I’m obsessed with musical theatre, but I cannot attend live productions as much as I would like, so this is a great way to see performance clips. I also use these videos to study how the pros sing.
  10. Go dancing! Okay…if it’s been a while, you might need a couple of drinks to dance in public, but give it a try. If you don’t want to dance with anyone watching, then crank up the music at home, dim the lights, and dance it out.

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