Color and Light

Many years ago, a friend taught me how to work with beads. She invited a few girls over to her house and graciously shared her favorite craft.

I remember gathering around her kitchen table. She had boxes of beads stacked high- she had such a collection!

We chose some beads, and she showed us how to make a bracelet. Threading the wire through each bead was easy, and we all got quiet as we focused on our project. However, when it was time to attach the clasp, it was not as simple as I thought it would be. My bracelet almost fell apart as I tried to hold onto the crimp tool, wire, and beads at the same time.

A few weeks later, I decided to try again on my own. With my new, small collection of supplies, I planned a necklace. As I picked up each bead, studied its color and shape, and tried different patterns in the tray, I was officially hooked.

With pearls, glass, clay, stones, metal, and more, there are unending creative possibilities with beads.

I love to hold a bead to the light and see its color and how it reflects and changes in the light. Then, placing beads in a tray, and experimenting with different patterns and color combinations, I have discovered surprising designs.

Michaels has a large selection of affordable beads, which is great if you’re just trying out the hobby. Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is my favorite place to buy beads online. They have many unique stones and cuts. Both sites offer online tutorials.

Some towns have local bead shops, and I love to find them on my travels. They usually offer unique, beautiful beadwork and classes too.

This project came from a pair of earrings that didn’t sit right on my ears. I decided to use them as a pendant for two necklaces instead.

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