Creative Paralysis

I’ve been reflecting on my Starting Again post from a couple of weeks ago. I think my biggest fear is that I’ll have all this training and still choke when it’s time to audition. The trouble with fear, whether it’s stage fright, writer’s block, or fear of creating of any kind, is that it’s paralyzing and stops us from doing what we love. How can we push through it?

This New York Magazine post How to Get Over Stage Fright is from 2014, and it has some great, scientific ideas for dealing with stress.

Here are some other ideas for breaking through creative paralysis:

  • Take a walk— Walking in nature gives your brain a chance to wander and release stress. Also, the sights, sounds, and open air can trigger new ideas.
  • Improvise— If you’re a performer, take an improv class. If you’re an artist, practice free-hand drawing (doodle!). If you’re a writer, let your brain storm, and write whatever comes into your head.
  • Reconnect— It is important to reconnect with the simple joys of why you loved singing/painting/dancing/writing/etc. in the first place. For me, it means singing to my Broadway playlist or going to the theatre.
  • Release perfectionism— Give yourself permission to try, be in the moment, and move forward. What is the worst that can happen?

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