Photo Capture- Can’t Get Enough

I started this blog in June, and my goal for September was to post something every week. Goal achieved- woo hoo!

…Is anyone out there?

It’s okay…I am learning as I go, and one change I will make for October is to post on Mondays instead of Fridays. It is an optimistic way to start the week I think.

Today’s post will be brief, but I hope you will like these pictures.

Even though it’s officially fall, we decided to extend our summer by taking a weekend at the beach.

When I’m at the beach, I can’t get enough of the sights around me, and I always have my camera on-hand. Photography is another creative way to capture the light, patterns, colors, and beauty around us.

I took these pictures with my smart phone.

Happy Monday!


Sand Study

Sand Study


Two Dolphins

Two Dolphins


Color and Light

Color and Light


Evening Reflections

Evening Reflections

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