Five Tips to Maximize One Hour of Writing

When I took a short story fiction writing workshop earlier this year, I wasn’t sure I’d have any energy left to write after a long day at the office- but I had a deadline, and when you have a deadline, you become inventive with your time.

In addition to writing at night, I decided to try writing during my lunch hour—and I was surprised at how much I got done in that limited amount of time.

Whether if it’s first thing in the morning, after you drop off the kids at school, or right before bed, you can still make progress writing in just one hour a day.

Here are five tips to maximize one hour of writing:

  • Book it: Reserve your calendar like you would any other important commitment.
  • Make it a habit: If you can plan to write at the same time every day, it will become a habit. If you have to be flexible with the time of day, that’s okay too, which adds to my next point…
  • Find any space: You might need to be flexible with your writing space. This is counterintuitive to the idea of finding a sacred writing space and shutting out the world. If you have only one hour between other commitments, you might need to get used to writing on the go- in a potentially noisy space like a coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Plan for your next session: When you’re finished with your hour, make notes for your next writing session. Jot down where you left off and where you want to go next. Your “notes to your future self” (as I call them) will give you momentum for your next session.
  • Take notes: Your hour of writing will inspire more ideas at other times of the day. Be prepared to take notes in a notebook, digital notebook, or audio app.

Figure out what works for you, and you will discover time in your schedule you didn’t know you had. Even a few pages at a time will add up with consistent effort.



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