There is a superstition surrounding “The Scottish Play.” It is believed that Shakespeare used real witches’ spells when he was writing the tragedy, and the play is cursed. Stories of violence and death surround its productions throughout history. If anyone speaks the play’s real title in the theatre, or quotes any of the lines, the curse will be unleashed.

If you don’t know which play I’m talking about, please look it up elsewhere. I will not take any chances here! I never say the play’s name aloud no matter where I am. 🙂


Shakespeare isn’t the only artist to have secrets in his work. A painter might have a symbol he blends into all his paintings. An actor often has a secret on stage that he doesn’t reveal to the audience until the end of the play (if at all). When an author builds characters, there are often histories and subplots she never shares with her readers.

All these layers contribute to interesting, complex creations. On this day of mischief, I am wondering…do you have any secrets in your artwork?


4 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Uh oh… Read the words on the photo out loud before I even read the article. Now, I’m having reservations because what if I’ve – I don’t know – unleashed the curse on myself? LOL.


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