My Favorite Sound

My Favorite Sound…is the sound of people singing together spontaneously.

A friend recently told me that when people sing together, they breathe together…and when they breathe together, their hearts beat together too.

It is the sound of my husband and I on a road trip, singing our favorite Beatles songs.

It is the sound from my teenage years. My friend T— and I went to an a cappella festival at Boston Common. We had started the day early so we could set our picnic blanket in a good spot. One of the a cappella groups led the audience in a 4-part harmony. Our voices filled the open air, blending and harmonizing- Amazing!

It is the sound of a van filled with women in the small tour I did many years ago. We were driving from one theatre to the next. We didn’t have GPS back then, and we were never lost. The radio wasn’t on. We were just singing…because life really was a musical back then.

It is the sound at a rock concert, when we’re all pounding our feet with the beat and singing Every. Single. Lyric. We feel connected to the band on stage, as if they wrote their songs just for us.

Arms stretch to the sky.

Hearts open.

Then, the band turns the microphone to the audience, and we rise up together. The entire stadium vibrates with THOUSANDS of voices singing the same words and the same melody.

Our hearts beat together in one melody.


Afterthoughts: I spent a lot of time on YouTube searching for the perfect clip that captured the joy I was trying to express. I suppose it depends on the music that moves me, which may be different than the music that moves you.

Also, there are flash mobs that have provided some of this beauty over the last few years. -For me, spontaneous singing brings the magic to an even higher level. I feel it in my heart- pure magic, pure joy, and hope for humanity.

My favorite sound is this.


…and so much more. We need more singing in this world.

Wishing you peace, my friends.



Random Beauty

This past weekend, I felt the need to sit with my beads and simply string. I decided to make a wrap bracelet.

When I first started working with beads, I would spend a lot of time designing just the right, symmetrical pattern. For this project, I was more interested in the activity than the end-product.

Instead of planning the design in the bead tray, I pulled beads directly from my bead boxes. First green, then purple, then orange…


Most of the beads I used were quartz, but I added citrine and Mother of Pearl and agate. And just when I thought a color or texture wouldn’t work together, I would try it anyways.

Why not stack a metal bead onto another metal bead?

Why not try citrine next to Mother of Pearl?

The pattern was random; each combination was enlightening.




Finding Light in the Darkness

This is my happy, creative space where I write about inspiration and light…but this past election week was devastating, and I am grieving because I know we have many long years ahead of us.

As artists, we find our way through the darkness through expression and creation. We are the storytellers, capturing history and shining a light on humanity. Our creativity helps us comprehend, cope, communicate, unite, and heal.

When I was feeling truly low last week, Dani Shapiro’s post  On Going High was a light in the darkness. I hope you will check it out.

In the meantime, I have to admit I’m still in the comprehending and coping stage of all this, so I’m off to a quiet place for now. I will light a candle in the night and try to have faith that the sun will rise in the morning.

Wishing you peace, my friends.

Ann Patchett


My friend K— is always a reliable source for book recommendations, and about seven years ago, she suggested that I read Bel Canto. I checked the paperback out of the library. It was my first Ann Patchett book. Not only was I instantly captured by her writing, but I remember the setting and the plot were different from anything I had ever read.

Whenever I find a new author (new to me anyways), I research their list of publications and start to work my way through each book. After Bel Canto, I read The Patron Saint of Liars and then State of Wonder. State of Wonder haunts me and stays with me still.

Patchett writes about the human experience and connections in traditional and non-traditional settings. I think I find her books so powerful because she creates such vivid characters with real struggles, mistakes, and pain.

I continued to read my way through her work, and then I tried to figure out how she does it— how she creates those stories that hold my heart and sit in my chest as I turn to the last page. Continue reading