Finding Light in the Darkness

This is my happy, creative space where I write about inspiration and light…but this past election week was devastating, and I am grieving because I know we have many long years ahead of us.

As artists, we find our way through the darkness through expression and creation. We are the storytellers, capturing history and shining a light on humanity. Our creativity helps us comprehend, cope, communicate, unite, and heal.

When I was feeling truly low last week, Dani Shapiro’s post  On Going High was a light in the darkness. I hope you will check it out.

In the meantime, I have to admit I’m still in the comprehending and coping stage of all this, so I’m off to a quiet place for now. I will light a candle in the night and try to have faith that the sun will rise in the morning.

Wishing you peace, my friends.

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