The Element of Surprise

My husband and I visited family in Arizona last spring. It was the first time I had travelled so far west in the U.S., and in all our sixteen years of marriage, it was the first time I got to watch him play golf on a golf course.

The course was beautifulSaguaro Cacti, Ocotillothere were so many plants I’d never seen before, it was like visiting a different planet. We also saw a Black Chinned Hummingbird, which was a new bird sighting for us.

I kept my eye out for scorpions, bobcats, and rattle snakes but mostly, I saw bunnies. There were bunnies everywhere. I’d take a few pictures of the game and then look to my right, and there were eight bunnies chomping on grass in the corner.

When we got back from Arizona, I had over ten pictures of bunnies from that day. This one is my favorite and just makes me laugh. I call it “Bunny Bottom.”


Whether at family gatherings, nature walks, or vacations, I tend to take hundreds of pictures at a time. Later, it is so much fun to click through each picture and find something I never expected to capture.

What has surprised you in your artwork lately?

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