Everyday Beauty

Whenever I take pictures, I’m most likely to take 100+ pictures of a shoreline at home or sunlight through the trees…

Like this small harbor shot…



…or this shot from our bike ride on the 4th of July…


But I also love the unexpected color and light that happens–

When an everyday intersection strikes you as beautiful, and then you look up even higher to discover two rainbows…





The Element of Surprise

My husband and I visited family in Arizona last spring. It was the first time I had travelled so far west in the U.S., and in all our sixteen years of marriage, it was the first time I got to watch him play golf on a golf course.

The course was beautifulSaguaro Cacti, Ocotillothere were so many plants I’d never seen before, it was like visiting a different planet. We also saw a Black Chinned Hummingbird, which was a new bird sighting for us.

I kept my eye out for scorpions, bobcats, and rattle snakes but mostly, I saw bunnies. There were bunnies everywhere. I’d take a few pictures of the game and then look to my right, and there were eight bunnies chomping on grass in the corner.

When we got back from Arizona, I had over ten pictures of bunnies from that day. This one is my favorite and just makes me laugh. I call it “Bunny Bottom.”


Whether at family gatherings, nature walks, or vacations, I tend to take hundreds of pictures at a time. Later, it is so much fun to click through each picture and find something I never expected to capture.

What has surprised you in your artwork lately?

Photo Capture- Can’t Get Enough

I started this blog in June, and my goal for September was to post something every week. Goal achieved- woo hoo!

…Is anyone out there?

It’s okay…I am learning as I go, and one change I will make for October is to post on Mondays instead of Fridays. It is an optimistic way to start the week I think.

Today’s post will be brief, but I hope you will like these pictures.

Even though it’s officially fall, we decided to extend our summer by taking a weekend at the beach.

When I’m at the beach, I can’t get enough of the sights around me, and I always have my camera on-hand. Photography is another creative way to capture the light, patterns, colors, and beauty around us.

I took these pictures with my smart phone.

Happy Monday!


Sand Study

Sand Study


Two Dolphins

Two Dolphins


Color and Light

Color and Light


Evening Reflections

Evening Reflections