The Danger of a Good Book

You know it the moment you read the first page— or even the first sentence. You have started reading a good book, and you must be very careful.

You have a life to live. You have responsibilities.

Sure, it’s the weekend, but your List of Things to Do really must get done.

Okay…you may read for an hour.

A good book is always over too soon. So you force yourself to read slowly. You bookmark your favorite pages. You highlight each beautiful phrase that rings true. You shake your head in wonder as you turn to the next page.

The author spent time researching, writing, and crafting each word. You want to savor each word. You should not rush to the end— even if you want to know what happens next.

When the end arrives, you sit in silence…breathing slowly…trying to steady your heart.

Tackling the Page

I was catching up on my DVR last night and saw Tahereh Mafi interviewed on Late Night with Seth Meyers. I love watching Seth’s interviews (yes, we are on a first-name basis) because he is so engaged with his guests, and he asks such interesting questions.

Tahereh Mafi has written the Shatter Me series, and her latest book is Furthermore. They discussed how she got started, her love of reading, and the rejected manuscripts that taught her about writing.

Her writing style compared to her husband’s writing style was also fascinating to me. I love hearing how other writers tackle the page.

There is so much great writing motivation-inspiration-information in this interview. Check it out!


Book Therapy

Do you ever feel like you need a break from the world- a break from reality?

Today I found relief in the comfort of a book. I sat on the couch, sipping my coffee, slowly detaching myself from reality and stepping into the story.

I realize this is a luxury, and it was exactly what I needed today. It is not often I can sit for hours and read. Most days I feel fortunate to read a few pages before bed…but this morning, I sat. I turned the pages of a real book with real pages.

The sun shone outside, and I stayed inside and read more. Breakfast and lunch time passed by, and I was only hungry to understand what would happen next.

I continued to read. I read until the story was so real that I cried for the characters’ struggles. I read until I reached the end.

I exhaled, grateful for the incredible gift of a good book…and a new perspective.